Full Sleep Guide - Newborn to 24 Months Package




Package includes all of the following:
NewBorn Sleep Guide
Bringing a baby home for the first time is a daunting prospect and comes with a lot of questions. Is this normal? Should they be sleeping this long?
I aim to answer all of these questions in a simple way to empower you and help you feel more confident.
The guides include information about:
The 4th Trimester
Bedtime Routines
Room Temperatures
Sleep Cues
Co Sleeping Tips
3-6 Month Guide
The 3-6 month guide talks you through each month and what you can expect sleep wise including:
- Sample Schedules
- Information on weaning
- Naps
- Transitioning baby into their own room
- Co - Sleeping
- How to analyse your babies sleep
- Sleep Signals and Sleep Routines
- Night Wakings
- Night Feeds
- Short Naps SOS
- Early Waking
6-12 Month Guide
This 37 page guide aims to cover everything you need to know to make changes to your babies sleep. It is comprehensive and in depth and talks you through the following plus lots more:
- How sleep works
- Does my baby need to learn to self soothe?
- Myth busting
- How much sleep does your child need?
- Sample Schedules
- Weaning information
- Red flags
- Making changes
- Frequent night wakes and short naps
- Floor beds
12-24 Month Sleep Guide
This 35 page guide talks you through a lot of what the 6-12 month guide covers but age appropriately. It also covers:
- specific methods to help your child fall asleep a little easier
- Sample schedules
- 2:1 Nap transition is covered in these schedules
- Split nights
- Dummy use
- Sleep regressions
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