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The Fox and the Moon Mission...

"Supporting and empowering families with their children’s sleep with a holistic, personalised and nurturing approach."

My name’s Emily and I am the founder and infant sleep consultant at Fox and the Moon Infant Sleep. 

I have helped hundreds of families across Derbyshire and the UK to get the deep restorative sleep they need.

Personal Support from a Mother who knows

As a new parent we obsess about sleep, why is that? Because we do not get enough! When I became a Mother for the first time my anxieties regarding this new little human in my life were almost too much to bare. That, coupled with severe sleep deprivation and reading and hearing such conflicting advice and information about ‘sleep training’ and baby and children’s sleep in general spurred me on to do as much research as I could and really take back control over that aspect of my life. It was then I knew I wanted to train as a baby and infant sleep practitioner and help other desperate parents in the UK finding themselves in my former shoes. My sleep consultations are not built on generic advice, they are based on you, your parenting style, your child and on evidence and science-based techniques. So, no matter where you are in the UK, get the sleep you and your little ones deserve, with a free 15-minute sleep consultation today.
The Professional Baby & Infant Sleep Consultant You Need

As a level 5 OCN Certified Child Sleep Practitioner, I am not only trained in the field, but in the classroom too. Armed with knowledge and experience, I am passionate about baby and infant sleep and as a consultant I am ready to help your family get the deep and restorative sleep you deserve. I will teach you everything you need to know to be confident in your child’s sleep routine. Whether you are up against nap refusal, bedtime battles or early rising and broken sleep, my UK-based sleep consulting expertise can help you and your infants on the way to sounder sleep.

Ready to Get Some Sleep?

My professional sleep consulting can help tired parents regain control and help alleviate baby and infant sleep issues. I play an active role in your 'families sleep, getting to know both you and the little ones to find the best solutions to reach your sleep goals. I offer a wide range of support packages including video consultations, telephone calls, text messages and more to help me stay as engaged as possible in your sleep progress. Although I am based in rural Derbyshire, my baby and infant sleep consulting can be delivered remotely to any struggling family in the UK.

Don’t forget to claim your FREE initial baby or infant sleep consultation today by clicking the button below.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!
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